PodCamp Toronto

Feb. 22nd - 23rd 2014 Ryerson University

3 reasons you should be at PodCamp Toronto Feb 22 & 23


1-xl The things you’ll learn

PodCamp Toronto attracts a crowd that’s as diverse as it is skilled and knowledgeable. Presenters bring real world experience and fresh, leading edge ideas on a wide-range of topics. Some examples include: content marketing, measurement and analytics, search and SEO, blogging and blog design, all aspects of podcasting,  mobile app design and marketing, platform specific marketing tactics and technique (FB, Pinterest, etc.), paid media, internet psychology, and more. Past session topics have literally covered just about every aspect of podcasting, social and digital media. (PS: want to share your knowledge and ideas? Sign up to present! *coming soon)

2-xl The people you’ll meet and see

From students to professionals with decades in the business, PCTO is host to a dynamic group of peeps from Toronto’s digital community. The conversations you’ll have in the hallways will often be the most memorable part of the PCTO experience, and the relationships you’ll create will carry on well beyond Feb 22 & 23. 

3-xl It’s free.

Yes, completely free (thanks to our generous sponsors). Convinced you need to join us? Register now.

One response to “3 reasons you should be at PodCamp Toronto Feb 22 & 23”

  1. Socrates says:

    Sounds like a solid no-brainer argument to me – I will be there!