PodCamp Toronto

Feb. 22nd - 23rd 2014 Ryerson University

The brands that are bringing you #PCTO14 (Silver sponsors)

As you know, Pod­Camp Toronto is a free event. The orga­niz­ing com­mit­tee vol­un­teers their time, of course, but we couldn’t pull it off with­out the sup­port of our spon­sors. There are, after all, a num­ber of costs asso­ci­ated with putting together a week­end long event. With that in mind, we wanted to take a moment to tell you a lit­tle bit about each of them and encour­age you to check them out, give them a shout out and thank them. If it wasn’t for them, there would be no Pod­Camp Toronto.

kx-fullKanetix joins PodCamp Toronto as a sponsor for the first time in 2014, and what a welcome addition they are! As Canada’s online source for competitive insurance quotes, they’re not only highly active in social, but also very engaged with consumers – responding  directly to their customers’ needs. Social customer service level = next. Check them out at @KANETIXfacebook.com/Kanetix or kanetix.ca/

tim-fullTim Horton’s – the coffee we all know and love – came on-board as a supporter and to perk up our attendees last year. We’re pleased to have them back for 2014 and know that you probably are, too. Free Tim’s coffee? Yes, please. They seem to have a lot of fun online, and their content is always good for a chuckle. Follow and like them at @TimHortons or facebook.com/TimHortons

github-fullAnother new sponsor to join the ranks, GitHub is a powerful software development tool that helps users collaborate on their software projects. They’re also the world’s largest open source community; they are very active in the industry and host meetups and developer workshops around the world. If you’re a developer and you haven’t checked them out, you definitely should! Find them at @GitHubfacebook.com/GitHub or github.com

do-fullDigitalOcean provides cloud hosting that’s built for developers, with the ability to deploy an SSD cloud server in under a minute. As such, they’re a natural fit for PodCamp Toronto and we’re very pleased to have them on board. They are full of great tips for developers online and definitely worth checking out at @DigitalOceanfacebook.com/DigitalOceanCloudHosting or digitalocean.com/

sisu-fullMister Sisu joins PodCamp Toronto as a sponsor for the first time in 2014 and what a welcome addition they are! As a film production and photography company, they’re keen on using the latest digital tools to help their clients produce high-quality visual experiences. Check them out at @mistersisu and sisuproduction.com.

cat-fullCatalyst is another new member to the PodCamp Toronto community, and a great supporter to have on board. As a leading search marketing agency in Canada, they work with companies worldwide and serve their digital marketing needs – from paid search to content marketing, they cover the full gambit. Be sure to give them a like and follow at @Catalyst_CAfacebook.com/CatalystCanada, and check out their site to learn more about what they do: catalyst.ca.

cnw-fullCNW Group has been supporting PodCamp Toronto and providing newswire services for years now. As Canada’s premier newswire, they’re highly active in the social media space and offer the latest digital tools to their clients to help them produce compelling news. If you’re in communications and PR, you should definitely keep up with them at @CNWGroupfacebook.com/CNWGroup and newswire.ca.

mpd-fullMyplanet Digital joins PodCamp Toronto as a sponsor for the first time in 2014 and what a welcome addition they are! As a rapidly growing technology company specializing in building tech products for enterprise use, they’re highly active in the digital and social media space. Be sure to check them out @myplanetdigitalfacebook.com/myplanetHQ and myplanetdigital.com.

lou-cLou Dawg’s joins PodCamp Toronto as a sponsor for the second consecutive year. We’re excited that they will once again play host to our traditional Saturday night social! Daryl D’Souza, owner and gen­eral man­ager of Lou Dawg’s, is no stranger to incorporating social media to the restaurant brand, especially when it comes to communicating with customers. They are definitely innovators in the restaurant biz when it comes to doing it right on social. Check ‘em out at @LouDawgsRyersonfacebook.com/LouDawgsRyerson or loudawgs.com.


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