PodCamp Toronto

Feb. 22nd - 23rd 2014 Ryerson University

Who’s behind #PCTO14?

Did you know that PodCamp Toronto is organized entirely by volunteers? It’s true. Our core organizing committee is a small team of dedicated peeps from TO’s digital community who, with support from our incredible sponsors, work hard to put together an exciting and valuable unconference experience for our attendees.

Without someone to put all the pieces together and make the magic happen, there would simply be no #PCTO14. With that in mind, we wanted to introduce you to your PodCamp Toronto 2014 Organizing Committee! If you see any of us in the halls on the weekend feel free to say hello. Hugs are also welcome.

Karim Kanji

  • What do we call him: Chief Rainmaker

  • Who is he: Karim is the official chairperson of the Arcade Fire fanboy club – The Scarborough Chapter, and also our lead sponsorship coordinator (read: he’s making deals and cashin’ cheques in order to help us fund #PCTO14). In his spare time, Karim is documenting all instances of Cat Vine videos.

  • Now you know: Karim has a scar on his torso that resembles the Mercedes Benz logo. Vroom, vroom?

  • Find him at: @karimkanji or karimkanji.com

Rayanne Langdon

  • What do we call her: The Gatekeeper

  • Who is she: Rayanne, our lead content planner – in charge of attracting speakers, curating sessions and developing the event flow – is a crazy Newfie who rarely feels uncomfortable or embarrassed. She spends every day thinking about how to be funny on Facebook (she actually is pretty funny, I can attest). And she could probably beat you at foosball. And your best friend. At the same time.

  • Now you know: her record on a pogo stick is 1,000 jumps. Impressive.

  • Find her at: @rlangdon, Instagram: rayannelangdon or rlangdon.tumblr.com

Samuel Dunsiger

  • What do we call him: Chief of Altruistic Minions

  • Who is he: Samuel, who is our lead on-site volunteer coordinator, is a writer, word nerd and corporate communicator. As a film buff, he is delighted to be Samuel L. Jackson’s namesake. In his spare time, he often indulges in sushi, Instagrams it (one of his photos appeared in the National Post) and wonders why it sometimes contains cream cheese.

  • Now you know: he’s left-handed.

  • Find him at: @samdunsiger, Instagram: samueldunsiger or samueldunsiger.ca

John Leschinski

  • What do we call him: PodCamp Toronto Dungeon Master

  • Who is he: John is our lead organizer, webmaster, site and creative asset designer. With his trusty beast William Thomas at his side, he fights through the inter-webs of the legendary spiders at El-Adrel. This “Level 60” necromancer’s thirst for dark souls is as unquenchable as the fires of the Pah-Wraith, and nearly as destructive. He can be seen “pod-casting” insidious spells and tales with his raiding party, the Counts of Vindel, but more often you will catch him transfiguring the world to suit select benefactors. (Did you get any of that? Me, either ;))

  • Now you know: John has never played Dungeons and Dragons, and never will.

  • Find him at: @picard102 or dribbble.com/picard102

Rick Weiss

  • What do we call him: PodCamp Toronto’s Master of Coin

  • Who is he: Rick is our lead bookkeeper – collecting the cheques Karim is cashin’, and making sure the financials are in order (hey, someone’s gotta do it, right?). When not pinching nickels (as pennies have been phased out) for our favorite un-conference, Rick supports the communication efforts of a federal department in a regional office here in Toronto. He enjoys having a camera in his hand and he co-hosts The Zero Check Podcast (thezerocheck.com). Rick has been a familiar face at PodCamp Toronto since 2008, and proudly joined the organizing committee in fall 2012.

  • Now you know: A: Rick named his cat after this member of the Nebuchadnezzar’s crew in the film “The Matrix”. Q: Who is “Switch”?

  • Find him at: @RickWeiss or rickweiss.ca

Katie Boland


  • What do we call her: PodCamp Toronto’s Mistress of Hype

  • Who is she: Katie leads our PR and media relations, and is working hard to get the PodCamp message out to the world through the media. She’s a PR & social media specialist, lover of film and karaoke and proudly from the dirty “shwa”. She loves playing cards, dancing and eating breakfast at 6 p.m. (Think that’s weird? Trust me, you don’t know the half of it… I kid Katie, I kid.) Katie loves learning about Toronto’s history and is currently reading Charlotte Gray’s new book, The Massey Murder. Katie has been attending PodCamp Toronto since 2009, and joined the organizing committee in 2010

  • Now you know:  Soap gum… it Thrills her.

  • Find her at: @kathrynboland or kathrynboland.com

Adam Weitner

  • What do we call him: Master Slacker

  • Who is he: As our lead social content creator and community manager, Adam (writing in the third person is weird) is in charge of spreading the word about #PCTO14 online and answering all of your burning questions. When he’s not busy working on this kick ass unconference (or at his full-time job), you’ll find him at a musical, concert, sporting event, party or on vacation.

  • Now you know: before getting into the world of PR and marketing, Adam framed houses for two years, and very seriously considered a career as a firefighter.

  • Find him at: @adamweitner or linkedin.com/in/adamweitnerpr

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